About me

jackie Jackie Jarvis is a Chartered Accountant, who specialised in financial training post qualification. Jackie was a lecturer in Taxation and Financial Management for BPP professional education for 17 years. As a lecturer it was imperative Jackie could explain complicated concepts in clear and simple language.
Her recent personal experience of divorce, has led her to set up ‘For Me Finance’, which offers financial support during the divorce process and beyond.
Jackie will guide you through the divorce financials, working alongside you and your lawyers.

“My first priority after the break up of my marriage was to protect my children and try to ensure that their lives, largely, remained unchanged. A huge part of this, was ensuring a fair financial resolution. For most of us, finances are not unlimited so it was imperative that I had great legal advice and that my legal fees were as low as possible. From discussions with my lawyers, this meant presenting my finances in the most complete and thorough way. As a Chartered Accountant, responsible for all of the family finances, this was ‘easy’ for me. Although the emotional challenge of laying out a 22 year marriage on a few pieces of paper was unexpectedly difficult!
I worked with my lawyers as part of a team and I truly believe that together we arrived at a fair financial settlement. This has enabled me to move on to the next phase of my life quickly and happily.
I know that divorce can cause immense stress. It’s easy to think that money doesn’t matter. Personal confidence disappears and the anxiety of financials makes you want to throw in the towel. But now I am through the other side I can see that financial independence matters and being in charge of your finances should be your goal.
My lawyers were amazing and encouraged and supported my financial independence, which made the journey so much easier and whilst I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone, I can honestly say that being on the other side is a fantastic place to be. I want to help you get there.”