Why Use For Me Finance?

Much of the divorce process is about money. For Me Finance can help you with the divorce finances. One of the first hurdles you will encounter is the statement of finances called Form E.

Both parties will complete the form, which requires you to detail everything of financial relevance. This includes bank accounts, assets, shares, business interests, earnings from employment, earnings from self employment, pensions, liabilities and a statement of future income and capital needs. Supporting documentation (for example 12 months of bank statements for each bank account, title deeds of properties) has to be attached. Not everyone is comfortable with financial matters and this process can be a huge challenge at the best of times.

I can help you find all of the information, complete the Form E and present the information to your lawyer in an efficient and professional way, saving you significant legal costs.

Getting Form E right first time speeds up the divorce process and reduces your legal fees.

Having been there myself, I will support you in an empathetic and practical way and ensure that you can begin the next phase of your life in a financially positive way.


Ms J – Battersea
I first met with Jackie really early on in the divorce process – and I believe that was the perfect time to start meeting with her. When everything is feeling new, stressful and uncertain, Jackie was a calming presence and full of expertise and common sense. She made an intimidating process much more manageable and I firmly believe that without her help I would not have had the confidence that I do in handling the financial aspects of my divorce. She gave me a boost just at the right time, and also provided the tools to ensure I approached my Form E and divorce in a professional, evidenced and strong way. Not only that, but she’s great company, will make you smile (just when you don’t feel like smiling) and will leave you feeling ready to face the next stage. Thank you Jackie!

Ms R – Nottinghill

I was absolutely lost when asked to collate my financial affairs during my divorce. Jackie made the whole business not only clear and easy to understand but immensely enjoyable. She set about it all with a complete grasp of everything required, made sense of the legal language and complicated ins and outs of divorce protocol. Most importantly she set about it all with great good humour which, for me, was the greatest asset of all. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Ms H – Wimbledon
Thank you for your precious help. You were efficient, patient and reassuring.

Ms M – Kennington
Thanks very much for Friday, I felt so happy afterwards, like a huge weight had lifted.

Ms F – Stockwell
Hi Jackie, thanks for all your help – it all makes such good sense and I can see it’s really important to know and understand about the cost of things. Feel so much better for it.”

Ms F-M – Chelsea
It’s a pleasure to work with you as you make it easy and fun:))

Ms R – Fulham
You are LOVELY.

Kate Landells – Withers
Jackie and I have worked together and I am pleased to testify to her fantastic attention to detail and her organisational prowess. Her financial background and numerical literacy means that she can analyse financial information quickly and easily, whether that’s bank statements or more complicated disclosure. She is commercially minded and efficient and a pleasure to work with. However, one of Jackie’s key attributes, and this is an attribute that makes her so excellently suited to help with the preparation of disclosure in divorce cases, is her effortless combination of common sense and empathy. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mr W – Battersea
Jackie was of invaluable help to me in filing out my Form E and related documentation. During a time of considerable stress and disarray, Jackie’s ability to work around my other time commitments and her ‘can do’ personality really made a difference to me.